Digital transformation is the cornerstone of a flourishing businesses entity. At IconicKloud, we offer a completely seamless transitioning experience that catalyzes your business. Our aim is to modernize businesses and help them adopt a tech-savvy culture that promises success.

Our cloud services ensure that your businesses applications & processes remain secure, accessible, and convenient. With this enhanced connectivity, you upscale your business growth. From upgrading your infrastructure to having a seamless migration experience, our cloud services are here to make a meaningful difference in your business.

Our cloud services include

Public Cloud Services

Public Cloud Services: Your Winning Strategy

Public Cloud services include using a cloud-based environment to successfully run businesses at economical costs and with ease of functioning. Public cloud services such as AWS & Azure ensure that you experience the benefits of cloud services without heavy investment or asset management. Choose us as your expert public cloud partner, and we ensure a smooth transition process for your business.

The Modus Operandi Of Public Cloud Services Such As AWS & Azure Is As Follows

  • You as an end-user need not buy hardware resources or assets
  • These resources are owned by the supplier firms
  • For your business processes, a part of the cloud space is leased to you.

How Can Public Cloud Services Benefit You?

Reduce cloud computing costs

Since the system (hardware, infrastructure) is not owned by you, financial investment is considerably lesser.


You can upscale or downsize your operations based on your usage. More cloud space can be available to you as required.

Business Ease

Cloud migrations can be quite challenging; however, with Azure Cloud & AWS Cloud, years of customer migration experience has resulted in a stepwise easy migration process that requires minimal time & resource investment


You can choose to scale your business at any time in a hassle-free process.

Call us to get a complete business audit and consultation to which public cloud service meets your business needs

Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Services: Cloud Computing Specialized For Your Needs

Businesses that are workload intensive require unique solutions customized to your needs. With Hybrid cloud solutions, you can choose how effectively you manage your workload between clouds,i.e. private cloud & public cloud. For businesses that have a demanding nature, hybrid cloud systems work beautifully by meeting multiple needs of efficiency, personalization, customization and more.

Like any other system, private Cloud & Public Cloud come with their own set of efficiencies and drawbacks. With Hybrid Cloud, you can choose to imbibe the advantages of both in a way that caters to your needs most effectively.

With hybrid cloud model, you can integrates youronpremiseinfrastructureand leverage cloud services witihlow latencies to maximise productivity. Some of the use cases includes but no limited to are as follows.

  • Support Low Latency applications
  • Process Data locally
  • Meet data residency requirements
  • Migrate Vmware to cloud
  • Extend your data center
  • Move enterprise application to cloud

How Does Hybrid Cloud Benefit your business?

Economical Costs

You choose to pay for the services, resources, and assets you need most. You are under no obligation to buy fixed assets that you may or may not need, as it is in the case of the private cloud.

Dynamic Nature

Owing to its flexibility, you can pick and choose the resources you need based on your business demands and consumption patterns.


One of the biggest drawbacks of the public cloud is the lack of customization and personalization. With Hybrid cloud, you can steer away from the one-size-fits-all and choose what works for you specifically!

Ease of Migration

With Hybrid Cloud, we ensure that your migration process is the hassle-free with minimal interference to your business.

Accelerate digital transformation

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology by a company. Common goals for its implementation are to improve efficiency, value or innovation.

Deliver differentiated services and experience

Delivering differentiated services and experience is a client-centred approach while designing and delivering cloud solutions.

Improve IT and developer productivity

With a Hybrid solution, IT infrastructure is well utilised, and it increases the developer’s productivity since it reduces backend infrastructure management.

It’s time to differentiate your business by becoming a tech-savvy, dynamic organization that believes in making a mark. Choose us to get a complete consultation on how you can upgrade your business using minimal cost, effort, resources while having maximum payback & efficiency.