IconicKloud offers end to end cloud migration solutions for businesses looking to scale up, maximize productivity and reduce business costs. With a growing demand for effective use of technology in amplifying businesses, IconicKloud offers you a complete cloud migration service.

What is Cloud Migration Service?
Cloud migration is a process through which firms adopt newer strategies within their business and transfer their processes to the cloud. This cloud is from a complete on-premise system to a cloud system. Businesses can also transfer their functioning from shared cloud to private cloud and vice-versa. Transferring your business from one form of cloud to another for high efficacy and productivity. These services fall under the umbrella of the cloud migration service offered by IconicKloud.

Services we offer in cloud migration

Migration Readiness Assessment

We make sure cloud is the right choice for you by giving you optimum insights on your cloud journey. Our framework helps clients understand their current cloud capacity, strengths and weaknesses, along with the ability to identify and build on gaps. Identify your business objectives with us based on a structured review of your cost and timeline!

VMWare on AWS

Our services help you deliver a highly secure and scalable platform to balance workload and extend on-premise environments. Develop an integrated cloud as we manage your cloud and add speed, efficiency, and improved network latencies. Configure basic networking and parameters as our platform creates a secure hybrid cloud with additional capabilities!

Landing Zone

Add quick launch and deploy workloads to your security and infrastructure with a wide range of design choices! Automate your multi-account architecture, governance, identity management, network design, and data security with us. We can also help you save time configuring with customizable environments and account baselines.

Workload Migration

Work with us to facilitate migration planning and transform your framework to be the most suitable for cloud hosting. We ensure business agility and enterprise continuity with a layered model for cloud enhancement. Our best practices combine cloud integration and data flow across platforms and systems.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Get a complete analysis of hidden costs and evaluate total costs as a part of your plan. We help you with a data-driven approach towards pros and cons to help your business identify and deliver maximum value. Draw the best insights on profitability and project-specific cost estimation as you explore the adaptability of clouds!

Modernization- Re-platform and Re-architect

Choose maximum strategic value with design and operational support to modify your cloud. Leverage the benefits of our cloud deployment model to transform your business application into a modern platform! Rebuild into a service-oriented and scalable design as you preserve existing functionality.

At IconicKloud, we carry an in-depth business audit to understand your business requirements. We then offer you complete consultancy, planning and implementation services to migrate to carry out cloud migration. Going from complete on-premise solutions to cloud migration can be challenging. Our team of experts help plan this cloud migration process in a phase-wise manner with a minimal business interruption. We offer training, planning and execution of the complete cloud migration process.

Reasons your business should opt for Cloud migration services


If you have been looking to scale your business to the next level while reducing costs, cloud migration is a viable option for your business. It allows support of a larger set of resources ensures higher dependency on servers, software licenses etc.


Business is based on the pillars of scalability and cost-effectiveness. With IconicKloud cloud server migration, you can save long term resource costs. This allows you to reallocate your business funds wisely into areas that need them.


The world has gone digital, and your business is losing out if it hasn’t gone digital yet. Digital transformation allows better allocation of resources, complete automation and improved productivity.


Improve your business performance and improve accessibility across your organization. With clouds user-friendliness and consistency across the organization, you can ensure maximum output and improved performance.

Revamp your business with the power of cloud computing. With IconicKloud, give your business wings and explore newer opportunities for your business with cloud migration strategy.