Iconickloud follow an ideal factory approach to extend a tailored , complaint-ready enterprise storage solution on AWS for your transformation journey. Our expert team Designs, implements, and administers all required services in line with defined industry – best SLAS for customers.

Iconickloud cater for any business needs whether it is a startup, small to medium business or enterprise storage solution. We design the solution that best suits your business needs.

Timely cloud computing and seamless cloud deployment lie at the crux of successful businesses across the globe today. However, businesses may find it a struggle with their own digital transformation with the world going digital. With our Infrastructure as a service, you can upgrade your digital transformation without undergoing a resource-intensive transition.

With managed storage solution IconicKloud enables you to imbibe flexible IT solutions that can compute your business needs, utilise storage effortlessly and ensure on-demand networking solutions. Unlike on-premise solutions, you can eliminate the need for on-premise hardware, servers, IT teams and resources that can be financially draining for any business.

Our service infrastructure is a system wherein the cloud service provider manages the backend complexities such as IT teams, hardware needs etc. Therefore, you as a business, need to invest in a ‘Pay As You Go’ model wherein you have the flexibility to scale up or scale down your infrastructure needs based on your business demands.

Our inhouse cloud consultants are experts who can analyze, study, and suggest the best storage requirements for your business.

Benefits Of Choosing IconicKloud Storage Solution for your business needs

Efficient data management

Ensuring backups to AWS S3/Glacier as per schedule and policies, advanced backup applications. Monitoring of AWS cloud storage services using an in-house multi-cloud management tool.


Analysis of the current security requirement and policies, along with management and maintenance of audit logs. Assessment of data storage access patterns to suggest any improvements.


Adhere to compliance, with regular checks on the backup and remedial action following any backup failures reported by the backup tool.


Due to Pay as you go model, you can choose to upsize or downsize your storage solution depending on the business demands. This ensures faster and more cost-effective scalability.

Choose us as your partner in incorporating managed storage solution for your business. It all starts with your decision to have a free consultation call. Get in touch with us to know how we can scale your business by equipping you with the most effective storage service.

Object Storage

Simple Storage Service (S3)

Block Storage

Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

File Storage

Elastic File System (EFS)

Data Transfer

AWS Storage Gateway / Data Sync / Snowball / Snowmobile


AWS Backup