Desktop as a service is a cloud computing strategy wherein we offer you virtual desktops that can be accessed remotely over the internet. Our Desktop as a Service solution is designed with State of Art NextGen Modern Workplace technology and hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform within an Australian geographical location. We give 100% assurance on Data sovereignty. It extends all the features and benefits of a personalised desktop along with world-class security features; however, it is more flexible. Being a virtual desktop service provider, we ensure that your Desktop can be streamed to any device of your choice without all the set-up hassles a traditional desktop requires. Furthermore, cybersecurity measures, licenced systems, and the back end hassle are negligible due to our centralised configuration.

Our Desktop as a Service meets the need of season workflow demand and evolving business requirements. Without having to indulge in extensive set-up costs, set up time and resources, you can get virtual desktops on-demand for your use. With our cloud desktop service, you can experience uninterrupted usage, a secure browsing experience, and seamless functioning with 100% assurance on Data sovereignty.

Types of Desktop As A service, you can choose from

Persistent DaaS

This system allows users to maintain their storage data and user settings similar to the traditional desktops. This means each time the user logs in; they find all their data and information as it is, i.e. their settings, their shortcuts, and their data remains untouched.


This is a system wherein all the data and settings are not retained when the system is logged off. This means that the system will not remember user settings, application settings, bookmarks, etc. Instead, the data will be backed up centrally.

Benefits Of Choosing Desktop As A Service

With our cloud desktop services, you can transform your business and ensure maximum accessibility. Here are the core reasons you should opt for Desktop as a service.


Whether it is work from home, remote working or accessing desktops while on a sales call, this is the ideal service that offers accessibility with security


Since it minimises the cost of IT team, IT resources, set up costs, set up time, it is highly budget-friendly for small businesses. In addition, it saves businesses from investing in resources that may not be needed throughout the year.

Centralised System

The most significant benefit is that the data remains backed up, centralisedand accessible at all times.

Resource friendly

Traditionally, even a single desktop requires a dedicated person to manage backups, troubleshoot issues etc. With our cloud desktop service, the backend is seamless managed. Therefore data is backedup, secured and managed without needing a dedicated IT team.

Business Continuity

One of the most significant benefits ofDaaSis that your business processes remain unchanged across the board. You can continue to access your system anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

We strive to be among the best Desktop as a service provider, thus enabling our clients to scale up their business, work remotely and improve efficiencies in the most hassle-free manner.

If you are from the following sectors, you will benefit the most from DaaS:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Mortgage Industry
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Tech Industry
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Manufacturing