Effective management of workload on cloud demands impactful frameworks built in best practices. AWS’s well-architected framework allows you to have an in-depth understanding and monitoring of your internal systems. This includes understanding your core systems processes and how to manage cloud workloads efficiently. It enables you to consistently improve your cloud positions in a way that you achieve maximum productivity

The AWS’ well-architected framework is effective and impactful for businesses based on 6 foundational pillars.

Operational Excellence

Focused on continual improvement, this pillar is about automation and event responses that ensure maximum productivity from daily operations.


Your business information confidential is key for long term success. We ensure that your data integrity remains untouched by ensuring appropriate controls and permissions are established. This pillar is all about ensuring information & systems stays protected by all means


Every global business has to focus on minimising the environmental impact your business has. Thereforee coming up with solutions that have a positive long-term impact on the environment while also benefitting your business.

Cost Optimization

Scaling business needs require planned allocation of funds for maximum profits. This pillar helps you analyse and control how you allocate funds, the resources you are choosing and how it meets your needs in terms of long-term efficiency.


This pillar ensures that your business functions remain intact and have a good contingency response plan. How swiftly can you recover from failure? This includes recovery planning, distributed system design and adapting to new systems.

Performance Efficiency

You can undertake a quick review of how your workload is divided and how it can be optimized better for improved performance. Keeping in mind your evolving business needs, IconicKloud helps you determine how you can allocate systems and processes for maximum performance efficacy

We at IconicKloud assist you with complete integration of the AWS Well-architected framework for your business. With our assistance, you can scale your business, improve efficiency, and ensure maximum output. Our team can assist you with the incorporation of the AWS architected dreamwork specific to your technology, industry and domain. We assist you in evaluating your current workload and function and transition you towards the AWS well-architected framework using potent AWS tools. 

Benefits of AWS well-architected framework for your business

  • Drives Efficiency
  • Faster Cloud Deployment
  • Continual Improvement
  • Reduced risks
  • Improved consistency
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Cloud-Based approach maximizes productivity

Choose IconicKloud and improve your business functioning & productivity.